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Safety Pins Assorted Sizes (Pack of 12)

Safety Pins Assorted Sizes (Pack of 12)

Wound Dressing #14 (Each)

Wound Dressing #14 (Each)

Instant Ice Pack - 80g (Each)

Key Features:
- Ready to use - just squeeze and shake!
- Perfect for treating sprains and bruising
- Each pack weighs 80g and measures 16cm x 9cm

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Instant ice packs are specially designed for comfortable and convenient application to painful areas of the body. They provide ready-to-use cold therapy treatment - all you need to do is squeeze, shake and apply. A portable pack (no need for a freezer) that can be used to relieve pain and swelling. These packs help relieve pain and swelling associated with:
- Sprains
- Muscular Strain
- Bruising
- Knocks and Bumps

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