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Resource Thicken Up Powder Clear (900g)

Resource Thicken Up Powder Clear (900g)

Precise Thick-N Instant Single Serve - 3 Litre (Carton of 2)

Precise Thick-N Instant Single Serve - 3 Litre (Carton of 2)

Precise Thick-N Instant - 3 Litre (Carton of 2)

Key Features:
- Add to liquids to quickly and easily increase the viscosity of drinks
- Bulk preparation for large volumes of liquid
- A carton contains 2 large bottles, each with 3 litres volume

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Precise Thick-N Instant is the gold standard for thickening beverages and food for people with dysphagia. This innovative product has been welcomed by the industry as it meets the need for convenient, accurate and cost effective ways to thicken food and beverages to precise and predetermined viscosities.

Precise Thick-N Instant thickens a wide range of beverages including hot and cold liquids, alcoholic beverages and carbonated beverages. It has the ability to thicken the most commonly used supplements and laxatives used in the hospital/aged care setting.

This bulk preparation kit is specifically designed for making larger quantities of thickened fluids, hot or cold. Simply add Precise Thick-N Instant Bulk Serve to 700mls of liquid. Larger quantities are used to prepare in advance.

Simple controlled measurement system. Accurate dosing pump provided with every bottle. No waiting. Precise Thick-N Instant develops viscosity in 30 seconds. Simple to use - stir with a spoon as it is a liquid, it is easily dispersed.

Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Freeze/Thaw Stable
No Mess, No Lumps
No air bubbles

Not recommended for use under the age of 5 years. Consult a pediatrician for use for children aged 5 and over.
A food for special medical purposes.
Food & beverage thickener for the dietary management of swallowing disorders.
To be used under medical supervision.
For oral consumption only.
Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

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