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Midi Booster Pads With Adhesive Tape (Pack of 20)

Midi Booster Pads With Adhesive Tape (Pack of 20)

FitRight Double-Up Booster Pads (Pack of 24)

Key Features
- Improves absorbency of disposable briefs and underwear
- Gentle on skin with adhesive strip to prevent movement
- Size: 9cm x 29cm
- Capacity: 650ml

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These Double-Up Liners add absorbency to disposable briefs and undergarments for extended protection. The ultra-thin technology improves dryness with super-absorbent polymer, and the adhesive strip helps keep the liner in place. Soft and gentle for a superior feel against the skin. Individually wrapped for added convenience.

Size: 9cm x 29cm
Capacity: 650ml

About Conticare:
Conticare are leaders in providing incontinence pads for the elderly, adults, women, men, teenagers and youth throughout Victoria. Our full range of disposable incontinence products and washable incontinence products for sale online. Conticare delivers directly to aged care facilities, nursing services, pharmacies and hospitals but our but our core strength is is home delivery in discreet packaging, to domestic households.

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