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Depend Guards for Men (Pack of 12)

Depend Guards for Men (Pack of 12)

Depend Shields for Men (Pack of 14)

Depend Shields for Men (Pack of 14)

Depend Shields for Men (Pack of 84)

Absorbency: 47ml
Size: One size fits all
Gender: Male
Colour: White

Availability: In stock

Depend Shields for men are discreet and comfortable to guard against drips and dribbles of wetness. Ultra-thin and absorbent, they adhere in your own underwear with a strong adhesive grip. Each shield is individually packaged in a discreet, pocket sized wallet.

About Conticare:
Conticare are leaders in providing incontinence products and incontinence pads for the elderly, adults, women, men, teenagers and youth throughout Victoria. Our full range of disposable incontinence products and washable incontinence products are available for sale online. Conticare delivers directly to aged care facilities, nursing services, pharmacies and hospitals but our but our core strength is home delivery in discreet packaging, to domestic households.

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